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Locker Rentals are valid, August 15 - April 30
of each school year regardless of course schedule.

 “ Lockers will be available for online rental starting on Friday, September 8th, 2017 at 1:30pm.

Due to unforeseen circumstances that delayed the Locker Rental site from being active in time for the September 2017 start-up, we have opted to allow Lockers to be rented for FREE for the school year ending in April 2018. After April 30, 2018, we will again be charging for Locker Rentals.”


Fall and winter semester rentals, are to be completed online. 

Please continue on this site to reserve your locker for the September 2017-April 2018 school year. Locker Users who have not used the site to reserve will have their locks cut and belongings removed.

Fees and Registration Cost - Oshawa Campus: (Canadian Dollars)
    $0 for ½ locker valid for use between August 15 to April 30      
    $0 for Full Lockers valid for use between August 15 to April 30 

Fees and Registration Cost - Whitby Campus: (Canadian Dollars)

   $0 for 1/2 Lockers valid for use between August 15 to April 30

   $0 for Full Lockers valid for use between August 15 and April 30

Terms and Conditions
Reminders about the End of Rental Terms

Two weeks before the end of your Rental Term, an email will be sent to you to remind you that you need to vacate your locker; student should verify the email address and update if necessary. If your locker has not been emptied after your Rental Term expires, your lock will be cut and the contents of your locker will be removed and put into storage. If you do not come to reclaim your belongings from the Locker Administrator within ten business days, they will be donated or thrown out. The DC/UOIT Locker Program is not responsible for any items subject to removal from a locker.

Locker Access
Durham College/UOIT reserves the right to access lockers at its sole discretion. If there is a suspected security risk or there is an environmental concern such as pest control, odors or if maintenance is required. Security has the right to enter a locker at any time should they suspect it contains items that put the college or university environment in danger. Any criminal activity will be reported to police. The College and University are required to provide police with access in the event of a criminal investigation.      





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